About Our Company

We are Belkraft Cookware

Our manufacturing facility has been making cookware in the USA for the last 144 years, five generations of respect.

We provide the best possible cooking tools for the home produced with 12 element type 316 Ti 7ply surgical stainless steel+titanium to cook the new low temperature vacumatic-waterless and grease-less way.

Belkraft enjoys an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

How do we make it?

We use T316 Ti Surgical Stainless steel + Titanium because its properties produce a non-reactive cooking surface. This non-reactive cooking surface allows for the successful cooking of food resulting in exceptional nutrient retention and flavour enhancement. As new technological advances are developed, BelKraft carefully considers their application for our products.

We carry an extensive product line to meet the needs of the most discerning customer. Our 7-Ply manufacturing process provides a remarkable merging of metals combined with superior workmanship resulting in an exceptional multi-layered surgical stainless steel + titanium cooking system that is unequaled in performance and durability. Our waterless vacumatic cookware performs well on the new induction ranges as well as conventional stove tops, electric or gas, even open fire.  Stainless steel is a remarkable material; it’s durable, doesn’t rust, and is less prone to stains

The way it works

We cook veggies the new low temperature (165° F or 74° C) vacumatic-waterless way, fry grease-less.  We supply our own cookbook, an 1 hour+ DVD with the set.  Your investment in the Belkraft cooking system will ensure a lifetime of cooking pleasure, faster and healthier food preparation.

A toll free number is provided to help you with your questions or cooking challenges that may come up.

The way we sell the product

With Belkraft, and only Belkraft, you just request a sample utensil for a 15 day, or longer if asked, “no cost – no obligation” tryout.  We include short cooking instructions, a 6 minute instructional DVD, a brochure, a price list and some backup information needed to make that wise investment decision.  Impressed? Place an order.  If not, just return the utensil.  No pushy salespeople will visit you and save 40% or more in the process.  Save BIG, buy factory direct.