Health Benefits

Vacumatic Waterless Cookware is recommended by leading health authorities!

Seventy percent (70%) of all prosperity diseases such as high blood pressure and heart disease, even dental problems, can be attributed to an improper and inadequate diet.  In recent years, our awareness of what constitutes good health has changed significantly; we exercise more, have changed our diets, eat more chicken and fish than red meat, and yet with all our efforts to live healthier lives, we still cook like our grandparents.  We cook with too much fat and destroy the essential vitamins, nutrients, and proteins our bodies need to live long, productive lives.

At Belkraft, we know the secrets of maintaining a healthy diet and we invite you to share in our knowledge.  We have in fact, made it our mission to promote good health.

In a society that is complicated and stressful, the culinary art represents an important form of communication, which helps to relax and bind us to our families.   The Belkraft Vacumatic cooking system allows you to spend less time preparing meals and, in doing so, enjoy more time with your family.  The cooking time is drastically reduced and allows you to maintain more of the basic nutritional resources produced by nature.  The Belkraft Vacumatic cooking system makes all of this possible therefore, with the Belkraft Vacumatic cooking system, you will have a healthier and more balanced diet, gain vitality and enjoy a better life.  It is an inexpensive living insurance!

cooking systems make cooking with virtually no water possible.  The natural flavour of each vegetable, its aroma, colour and consistency remain optimally preserved with our waterless method of cooking.  In fact, a sufficient amount of water is already contained in most produce.  Vacumatic waterless cookware seals itself to maintain these liquids during the vacuum heating process.  The vapour then cascades down from the centre of the pot lid over your foods bathing them in their own juices.  By cooking with the Vacumatic method, the delicate water-soluble vitamins are preserved, as are the minerals, which help naturally flavour foods.  As a result, you will find there is little need to add salt at the dinner table.

You can even cook a variety of vegetables in the same container.  Each vegetable will maintain its own flavour, colour, and aroma.  How?  We have previously discussed that theVacumatic cooking system seals itself during cooking.  Oxygen is required for a transfer of odour.  A Vacumatic cooking utensil is a sealed unit, so no oxygen transfer occurs.  If a potato is cooked in water, the vitamin C content is reduced by 60 to 80%, however, cooking with a Vacumatic cooking system ensures it does not have to be that way.

You can avoid fat!

Everyone knows that too much fat is bad for your health.  Research studies link the excess consumption of fat to the acceleration of various types of cancer growth, heart disease, and most obviously, obesity.  Fat affects the quality of our lives.  The answer is to use less fat and simply taking the butter off our bread is not enough.  With Belkraft Vacumatic cooking systems, you can completely give up the use of fat in broiling without losing any of the flavour.

When broiling with Vacumatic, the searing process allows the pores in meat to close immediately, allowing the meat to stew in its own juices.  Your meats will taste better, staying tender and juicy inside, yet deliciously crispy on the outside.  You will discover there is also less shrinking, 8% by broiling with Vacumatic, versus 30% with other methods.  The result?  Less calories and more flavour!  Thanks to this superior technology, you can also save energy cooking while eating delicious, healthy food.